[PICS/TRANS] 130804 Girl’s Day Minah Twitter Updates

아참~~!!! 제일 중요한 우리 데이지 사랑해요 쪽~
Translation: Oh~~!! Most importantly, I love you daisy chuk~
Project #14: – Inkigayo MC Support [Petit Roses]


Note: This is a gift from Minah’s Fancafe

오늘 인기가요 첫엠씨 무사히 마쳤습니다!! 휴~ 도와주신 모든 스텝들 피디님 작가님 광희오빠 현우 너무 고마워요~! 앞으로 더 잘하겠습니다!!
Translation: Finished the first Inkigayo MC stage safety!! Huu~ Thanks to all the staff members that helped me a lot, PD-nim, Kwanghee oppa and Hyunwoo too~! I’ll do my best in the future!!


Source: Minah’s Twitter
Translated By: Girl’s Day Singapore

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