[INFO] 140220 KBS Open Concert: LA Kpop Festival – Girl’s Day & Various Artists

As you may have heard KBS will be hosting an Open Concert in Los Angeles, California. The LA Kpop Festival will be held on April 12th at the Coliseum. According to this KBSWorld TV Spot the lineup will be 2PM, Shinee, Sistar, CNBLUE, Dynamic Duo, Girl’s Day, Kim Taewoo, Sul Woondo, Song Sohee and others.

2/24 Update: Infinite, Lena Park and Joo Hyunmi

GDD directly confirmed that Girl’s Day is set to attend, however we have no confirmation for the other artists. Read the news article for more details released at the concert press conference. Information on the ticket distribution has yet to be released but we will update when it’s available for any fans who plan on attending. From experience, tickets for free concerts held previously in the U.S have been released online (MBC Korean Music Wave in Google) and distributed in person as a first come first served basis (KBS NY Open Concert).

Girl’s Day Daily is planning a support for Girl’s Day’s first concert in LA!

LA K-POP Concert Press Conference:
“KBS America and the Korean American Federation of Los Angeles had a press conference on the 10th and announced that they will be holding ‘Open Concert’ as a free event on April 12th at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. (Celebrating the 111th Anniversary of Korean immigration to North America.)

This concert will start at 5:30PM and will take place for about 3 hours. KBS revealed that it will be broadcast in 88 countries. The organizers explained that there will be a total of 14 teams which will include top idols and singers.

It will be broadcast two weeks after the event on KBS (Sunday April 27th 5PM KST).

In addition, on the day of the concert, there will be several events around the venue, including a K-pop contest with K-pop mania fans of different nationalities.”

With a capacity of nearly 94,000-100,000 depending on the event, the Coliseum is set to make this the largest Kpop concert.


Source: koreadaily (1 | 2) | dongponews
Translated By: shmesm

10 thoughts on “[INFO] 140220 KBS Open Concert: LA Kpop Festival – Girl’s Day & Various Artists

  1. I’m very excited to go to the free concert but I’m just never sure when the tickets are coming out! I wanna be able to go but I know I’m not as fast as the unnies that love ’em more ): i hope someone (official) will hurry and post what website I can get the tickets from! I hope I can go and unnies out there would be nice and save me a few tickets! This is my concern.
    – love unknown kpop fan :) <3
  2. I am very excited to find out have a free concert coming up in April. Just lile Congya said, I would love to have a ticket and really hope someone will post the website that I can get a ticket. Plus I am not live in LA area so I need to get a plane ticket to fly to LA. Oh I am getting nervous, what about I can’t get a ticket. If anyone know how to get a ticket…please share with me. Many thanks!

    Crazy K-Pop fan

  3. It would be cool if we could meet somewhere near the coliseum on Friday night (4/11) and get dinner and talk about the plan for the next day and maybe go over the fan chants and stuff? it will be something for girls day being here in that they have allot of anonymity here that they don’t have at home (2NE1 liked that when they were at Disneyland, nobody knew who they were except 1 or 2 fans)
  4. I couldn’t get a ticket:( I waited for hours on the computer and nothing, now they have sold out online. People (scalpers) are selling the tickets but they are too expensive and I already bought my airplane ticket to L.A. I wanted to see Girl’s Day so baaaaaaaddddddddddd!! T.T
  5. I prefer another method of contact. Thank you for replying, you have no idea how HAPPY I am you replied. Thank you so much.

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