[TRANS/ARTICLE] 171030 Girl’s Day Minah to Make a Solo Comeback as a Singer-Songwriter

Bang Minah of Girl’s Day to make a solo comeback after 2 years and 7 months as a singer-songwriter

Bang Minah of Girl’s Day will be releasing a digital single entitled “Other Way”.

On October 30th, her agency Dream Tea Entertainment stated: “Bang Minah will be releasing a digital single entitled “Other Way” on November 3rd at 6 PM KST. The digital single will include a song entitled “11°” which Minah composed herself.”

“11°” contains lyrics personally written by Minah, and she worked with composer Woogie to co-write the music, showing her perspective as a singer-songwriter.

The song bitterly portrays the pain of love and the heavy weight of an impending farewell. Minah’s emotional voice blends together with vintage guitar and a melancholy melody to create an end result that perfectly suits the fall season.

This will mark the first time since Minah’s debut that she has released a self-composed song, and it is said to have a different feel than her previous music, candidly expressing her musical insight and proving her ability as a singer-songwriter.

Minah participated in writing lyrics for her solo song “Truth” on the album that Girl’s Day released earlier this year, but through her increased involvement in this upcoming release, she is expected to show an exciting new side of herself and her music.


Source: 스포츠서울 via Naver
Translated By: Shirina

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