[NEWS] 150303 Girl’s Day Minah to Make her Long-awaited Solo Debut!

Minah’s long-awaited solo debut is finally here!

In September 2013 a Girl’s Day member solo debut was announced for November. It was later revealed to be Minah but her solo debut was postponed for a later time.

On February 20, 2014, Minah was listed on Melon’s ‘Coming Soon’ music page. Fans speculated that Minah would be releasing her solo album but it was soon revealed to be for Lee Hyun Do’s “4U” project album.

Minah spent the beginning of this year recovering from her injury and took a break from her solo schedules. As Daisy knows how determined and driven Minah is, she was soon sharing pictures on her Instagram from the recording and dance studio. Fans speculated Minah would be releasing an OST or was gearing up for promotions, since Girl’s Day announced they would be coming back in April.

Labelmate MC Mong has recently made his comeback with the mini abum, ‘Song For You’. EToday released an article yesterday about MC Mong discussing labelmates Girl’s Day Minah and EXID. The article briefly mentioned about Minah’s solo album and fans immediately took to social media anticipating its release.

Today Dream Tea Entertainment confirmed that Minah would be making her solo debut! Minah has been preparing for her solo album and is in the final part of preparations. The agency revealed, “Minah’s first solo album will come out around mid March. We are trying to decide which would be better between a dance and ballad track…She’s currently hard at work recording. It’ll be a concept that will emphasize Minah’s charms.”

The direction of the title track, concept and stage outfits are still being decided, but it will appeal with Minah’s charms and showcase her bright personality.


Daisy has been anticipating Minah’s solo debut for roughly a year and a half and we are excited to see what she has prepared! Let’s do our best to support Minah’s solo debut, it will be a nice prelude to Girl’s Day’s comeback.


Source: osen.mt.co.kr
Translated By: Excerpt – allkpop

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  1. That voice :) Good luck Minah ! also looking forward to Girl’s Day’s comeback in April.

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